For over 30 years Pazmany plans have set a standard for detail, completeness, and accuracy that have resulted in a general improvement of information amongst designers and builders alike. Each of these introductory packages offers a quick look at the planes, so that you, the builder can see the unique value of each, in a simple, summary format. The packages offer an introduction, physical data and performance summary, description of the airplane, photos, drawings, and a cutaway diagram, that were prepared by Mr. Pazmany.

PL-1_profilePL-1 Specifications (link to pdf)

The PL-1 is the predecessor of the PL-2.  It was originally designed to be a sport aircraft, a trainer, and an acrobatic aircraft.  With the newer, lighter engines (e.g. Lycoming O-233) and minor modifications, the PL-1 could be made to meet FAA Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) category requirements.



PL-2 (link to pdf)

The “Cadillac” of light aircraft, the PL-2, because of its simplicity of design has been a favorite of amateur builders around the world and has been adopted as a trainer by military forces in Thailand, South Korea, Indonesia, and Nationalist China, This package details the PL-2 performance.



PL-4A (link to pdf)

Known for its great handling the PL-4A is the answer to the need for a well designed, all metal airplane that is easy to build, easy to fly, with low initial and operating costs and folding wings so that it may be towed behind an automobile and stored at home.



PL-9 (link to pdf)

The PL-9 is a 3/4 scale version of the outstanding WWII airplane, the Fieseler Storch.. This package tells the story of the original Stork and the new PL-9 with its great flying appeal today – for fun, patrol, farm work, surveillance, and fish spotting.