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The Pazmany Aircraft Corporation, while small, is renowned in the international light aircraft design community for the excellence of its designs and longevity in the industry. Our founder and designer, Ladislao Pazmany, has been recognized for over forty years by aviation organizations, businesses and even countries for his contributions in the field of light aircraft design.

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The following Engineering Change Notices are available for download:


ECN-02, 11/1965
ECN-03, 03/1966
ECN-04, 09/1966
ECN-05, 01/1967
ECN-06, 05/1967
ECN-07, 08/1967
ECN-08, 08/1969


ECN-01, 11/8/1969
ECN-02, 5/17/1970
ECN-03, 8/15/1971
ECN-04, 3/18/1974
ECN-05, 5/10/1980
* Notes on the additional fuel tank.
* Additional notes on the landing gear manufacturing procedure.


ECN-01, 03/1973
ECN-02, 05/1973
ECN-03, 01/1974
ECN-04, 08/1974
ECN-05, 03/1975


ECN-01, 09/1994
ECN-02, 08/1995
ECN-03, no date on ECN
ECN-04, 08/1995
ECN-05, 04/1997
ECN-06, 06/1999 *
ECN-07, 10/2008 *
ECN-08, 03/2009 *

* Notes: With the exception of ECNs 6 and 7, all plans purchased on the date of the ECN have all ECNs up to that date incorporated.
** Please Note: Typo on drawing # 9-10-004, zone C-8, dimension of channel is 65.9 not 69.5.