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All cartoons in the following books are original work by the author.


Light Airplane Design

Used as a text in several universities and aircraft companies, a very popular book among amateur and professional designers. A step-by-step description of the PL-1 and PL-2 preliminary designs; the reasoning behind each feature, with no high math. Easy to read, 80 pages, 61 figures.18 tables, even some cartoons by the author. “This book is full of American spirit… [I]t explains intelligently all the problems in great detail, e.g., designing a ‘good looking’ airplane, or solving the problem of manufacturing parts.” (January 1971) – Professor Shisho Naito, Chief Design Engineer of the FA-200 light airplane, Fuji Heavy Industries. Link to full text.


Landing Gear Design For Light Aircraft

A compilation of a decade of data, this book covers arrangement of landing gear, the ground loop, tires, wheels, brakes, loads and deflections, main gears, nose gears, tail gears and more. 245 pages 463 illustrations, 32 tables, & three large fold out drawings.



Light Airplane Construction

This book is used for the constuction of almost any light airplane. It has 92 pages, 274 photos, 37 line illustrations, 8 tables, 37 pages of text. – including subjects like drawing dimensioning, tools for metal construction, riveting inspection, forming of ribs, structural assemblies. Fabrication of plaster and fiberglass.



PL-4A Construction Manual

With over 104 pages, and 394 figures, this book will guide you through the steps of a sheet metal construction., with techniques applicable to almost any light airplane. It covers pop riveting, aluminum handling, fitting and drilling plexiglass, and has a list of tools, with their catalog numbers.



PL-4A Exploded Views

Each sheet depicts one major assembly, all part numbers are shown. The builder can easily visualize each and all finished parts and how they go in assembly. With the construction manual and a set of plans, you the builder has the most complete information package available. Printed on heavy paper for durablity, 27pages one sided with 18 foldouts in 11×17.



PL-8 Main Gear Design & Trade Offs

This 38 page booklet describes the trade offs in shock absorber design of a nose wheeled aircraft. It is profusely illustrated with 37 figures. Easy to follow simple calculations lead the reader through every step from geometry to a comparison of weights.



Operators_ManualCustom Built Aircraft Owners and Operators Manual

A pilot’s guide to the specifications and performance of the aircraft, including instructions on how to fill out different data charts. This handy “entry” booklet gives the owner/pilot forms for speed, weight, and flying performances. Samples are supplied by designer Pazmany.