PL-9 video narrated by Ladislao Pazmany

Here’s a video for builders.

It’s a home-made movie about a homebuilt plane – a real story with real people, that begins with the German test flight of the outstanding WWII aircraft – The Fieseler 156 Storch and finishes in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, at the 1999 EAA convention, with some interesting stops in-between!

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Homebuilders’ work in progress

We welcome submissions from our builders and hope to make this section a very active part of the homebuilder’s process. We would love to fill this page out with representative photos of projects, through completion, from any or all of the builders of our planes.

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Taiwan PL-1

“To those members of the Republic of China Air Force who made my PL-1 possible.” – Lt. Col. Rick Loeffler (Retired, USAF)

Letter from Lt. Col. Rick Loeffler about the Taiwanese PL-1 built in 100 days in time to celebrate President Chiang Kai Shek’s birthday.


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