A new 3/4 scale version of the original Fieseler F-156 Storch

The original German Luftwaffe Fieseler F-156 Storch was an outstanding W.W.II airplane, designed to take off and land in extremely short distances. According to flight tests results quoted by S. Hoerner (Chief Aerodynamacist of the Fieseler Company) the Storch had a take off ground roll of 131 feet and a landing roll of 36 feet with 13 miles per hour head wind.

The Pazmany PL-9 Stork is an 3/4 replica.

It is not a look-alike. It authenticity is backed up by more than 9000 hours of aeronautical engineering design in order to obtain the same flying and handling characteristics of the original German Aircraft.

There are three compelling reasons why Ladislao Pazmany designed PL-9 Stork:

1. To provide amateur builders a professionally designed STOL aircraft which will please the sport pilot, the “nostalgia” pilot and the “bush” pilot.

2. To provide a well proven aircraft configuration designed for a number of functions such as : Border Patrol, Fish Spotting, Highway Patrol, Forrest Fire Detection, Property Surveillance, Farm Work, Pollution Detection, Missionary Work Etc. At the present, certification of the PL-9 is not considered. “Experimental Amateur Built” aircraft can not be used for hire in the U.S.A.

3. The welded chrome alloy steel tube fuselage. The aluminum sheet metal/fabric covered wing and empenage, seem to very popular with the amateur builders, although it is a 50 year old technology.

Using the new Pazmany 3/4 scale plans, amateur builder Ruben Hardy embarked on his own construction of the PL-9. With great enthusiasm, financial commitment, and building ingenuity, bringing the first new Stork to life.

In March l999 at Oshkosh, Wisconsin his plane was displayed at the EAA convention to great public interest, in the presence of the design engineer Ladislao Pazmany. Currently the plane is being flight tested with different engines to obtain maximum performance.


To all our friends, we wish to say that this disclaimer is something we must do, but only do reluctantly.


For Builders Of The Pazmany PL-9 Stork Airplane

It has come to our attention, that an alternate “easier” set of plans for the wing of the PL-9 Stork aircraft is being produced to be made available soon to homebuilders.

Accordingly, Pazmany Aircraft Corporation will disclaim any liability for the design, safety and structural integrity of any plans other than those produced by Pazmany.

The use of the names Pazmany, or Pazmany Aircraft Corporation, or Pazmany PL-9 Stork; or PL-9 Stork, or PL-9 for the promotion of non-authorized commercial purposes is prohibited. Pazmany Aircraft Corporation reserves the right to authorize, upon review, any proposed manufacture of parts, molds, or kits based on his designs.

The plans of the Pazmany PL-9 Stork are copyright protected by law.

Thank You Very Much.