Here’s a video for builders.

It’s a home-made movie about a homebuilt plane – a real story with real people, that begins with the German test flight of the outstanding WWII aircraft – The Fieseler 156 Storch and finishes in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, at the 1999 EAA convention, with some interesting stops in-between!

Original film footage

The original German Luftwaffe Fiesler F-156 Storch was an honored plane for its amazing ability to take off and land in short distances, and is shown here in direct competition, and holding its own with an auto-gyro. Classic flying sequences highlight its early years, and are recorded here and described in a full narative by Mr. Ladislao Pazmany.

The production moves along to the new PL-9, a 3/4 scale version, and its construction in Rialto California, with a personal visit with amateur builder Bob Feltes, where he explains the welding construction of the fusellage. From there Mr. Ruben Hardy completes construction, and we see how it was done on camera with Mr. Pazmany’s narrative. Test pilot Ray Cote makes the first test flight, with designer Pazmany in attendence.

At The EAA

In Oshkosh, Wisconsin, the Pazmany PL-9 Stork was viewed with admiration by EAA members after Mr. Pazmany’s forum describing this beautiful airplane. In fact, he used his traditional approach of high engineering standards – and attention to every detail – to obtain the same flying characteristics of the remarkable Fieseler Storch.

This video has rare historical footage, personal narration by the designer, and some inside views of homebuilt construction.

A complete 36-minute video is available for $30 on the order page