PL1_PazmanyThe work of Ladislao Pazmany has been recognized worldwide, by clubs, companies, association, publications, and governments for over 40 years.

1. Pazmany Aircraft Corporation: Creation, development, and management of the company. San Diego.1957

2. Design, Engineering, And Construction of The PL Monoplanes:  PL-1, PL-2, and PL-4A gain International recognition in magazines, clubs, associations, and in Jane’s Encyclopedia; with amateur builders, and governments. Planes are used as trainers in Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia. 1962-Present

3. Publishing The Light Aircraft Books and Plans: Innovative building practices result in the publishing of definitive books on light aircraft design, construction, landing gear, and main gear, in six separate books, that become popular with amatuer builders everywhere. The publishing of high-detailed yet simple plans and assemlbies set quality standards within the industry.

4. The Pazmany Efficiency Contest: Created and conducted the first real world evaluation of homebuilt aircraft for the EAA. Oshkosh, Wisconsin, 1970

5. Dr. August Raspet Memorial Award:  Outstanding contribution to the advancement of light aircraft design, 1970

6. Outstanding Contribution To The Design of Light Aircraft: EAA Awards for contribution in aerospace engineering and light airplane design. 1970. 1972.

7. Registerered Patents:  Emergency Shut-Off Gas Valve; Elastic Support For Ducts (Convair); Elastic Belmouth For Vertifan Systems (Ryan); Overwing Thrust Reverser (Rohr); Fin Erection Mechanism (General Dynamics).

8. Head Designer Of The Ryan Cloudster: Motor glider that holds records for long endurance flight. 1977. San Diego, California.

9. University Lecturer: Aerospace Enginering: San Diego State University 1975-1979. University Of California at San Diego. 1979-1980

10. Honorary Recognition by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics: Outstanding Contribution to Aerospace Engineering, December, 1984

11. American Institute of Aeronautics, San Diego Chapter: Outstanding Technical Achievement Award in Aerospace Engineering, 1984-1985

12. EAA Homebuilders Hall Of Fame: Honored for furthering the goals of all those who love to fly and love aviation. Oshkosh, Wisconsin,1997