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The Pazmany Aircraft Corporation, while small, is renowned in the international light aircraft design community for the excellence of its designs and longevity in the industry. Our founder and designer, Ladislao Pazmany, has been recognized for over forty years by aviation organizations, businesses and even countries for his contributions in the field of light aircraft design.

It is my honor to inform the international aviation community that three of his most notable light aircraft designs are available for purchase and/or licensing of production rights. The three designs are: Models PL-2, PL4-A, and PL-9 Stork. The extensively engineered and documented design packages available for each of these three models are suitable for production anywhere in the world. All Pazmany designs are famous for their safety, flying characteristics, and the extraordinary detail in, and quality of, each production drawing.

All three models, PL-2, PL-4A, and PL-9 Stork are flight tested, proven aircraft that can be utilized for all sorts of civil, commercial, military, or recreational flight applications. These designs would make excellent choices for developing an aircraft production industry in a developing country. Alternatively, they could be used to mobilize an existing aircraft or metal fabrication industrial facility to provide highly functional small airplanes where such craft are needed and, develop a skilled cadre of aircraft fabrication personnel. The success of Pazmany aircraft has been demonstrated long ago by the fact that 52 PL-2s were built by the Taiwanese and other air forces around the world.

The availability of these Pazmany-designed light aircraft offer many possibilities to a wide range of venture businesses and government agencies. We would most welcome any and all inquiries from interested individuals and representatives of commercial ventures and governments. We are flexible to meet and discuss with you, or your representatives, arrangements for a purchase of the subject aircraft design properties and/or a production licensing arrangement, either or both, to the mutual benefit of the parties.

Please contact us at the address shown above, or by telephone or email, or by visiting our website at Please inform us if you desire us to contact any of your associated technical specialists or legal counsel for further presentation of our proposals. We are anxious to explore with you, or your representatives, how this unique availability of our intellectual design assets can be exploited to meet your goals in the light aircraft industry.

Sincerely yours,

Margarita Pazmany
Vice President
Pazmany Aircraft Corporation

Please read our licensing proposal here.