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Here you will find the life and works of Ladislao Pazmany, who, as a young man, loved designing, building, and flying airplanes, and who had then embarked on an illustrious career in aeronautical design engineering.

Years later, when receiving an AIAA award for Outstanding Technical Achievement in Aerospace Engineering, he was portrayed in Achiever magazine as

“a man who has pursued for over four decades, aircraft designs of perfection. It is an ambition he compares with a classic symphony. . .”

“…the ultimate flight efficiencies blended with many components into a single machine.”

pazmany-1941That pursuit of perfection continues on at Pazmany Aircraft today. It is reflected in all of our publications, intro packages, books, videos, and of course, the plans – including the new Pazmany PL-9 Stork plans – which are now ready to order. These PL-9 plans are the result of some 9000 hours of aeronautical engineering. They live up to the goals set by their designer.